Guitarists to Watch (Part 3) – Liam Mulpetre

Guitarists to Watch (Part 3) – Liam Mulpetre

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In the first two parts of our occasional series ‘Guitarists to Watch’ we brought you German YouTube sensation Elylva and the Maestro of British political flamenco Stacey McMullen.  Today we’re introducing you to Liam Mulpetre, the wild man of street performance. 

Wonder down Northumberland Street in Newcastle and you’ll find a wall of sound wedged between Fenwick’s and W H Smith.   Welcome to the domain of Liam Mulpetre, the Tony Iommi of busking.  Liam earns a living from performing on the streets, and from occasional session and live work with Heavy Metal bands around the Newcastle and Durham area. 

It takes balls to be a street performer and face the indifference of shoppers, all of whom seem in a hurry to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.  It takes even bigger balls to stand there and hammer out power chords through a distortion peddle.      

But Liam Mulpetre is a virtuoso, with an honours degree in music from Newcastle University.  Armed with his PRS guitar and Boss multi-effects peddle board he blasts out classic rock tracks with more enthusiasm and fervour than the Salvation Army bash a tambourine.  He’s gifted, authentic and wonderful to watch.

Liam acquired his first guitar when he was 14, and it doesn’t sound like he’s put it down since.  In addition to great cover versions he’s written his own rock music (check out his Bandcamp page here).  Stylistically it varies from Heavy Metal to Blues and Progressive Rock.        

So, take a listen to Liam Mulpetre and throw him some love – and a quid into his collection box.   

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