The Blues Emergency – The Machine

It’s classic rock Friday here at and today we have The Blues Emergency from Toronto.  Their debut album ‘The Machine’ demonstrates the band’s extensive talent.  Take opening track ‘Head On’, with its whiskey soaked intensity and guitar notes that are as bent as a politician.  Quite an apt analogy, given the socially conscious lyricsContinue reading “The Blues Emergency – The Machine”

A Ukulele and Her Orange Coat

Do musicians choose their instruments, or do the instruments choose them?  This was something I was pondering whilst watching Her Orange Coat busk in Leeds recently.  A Ukulele isn’t the regular weapon of choice for high street troubadours, but in the hands of Her Orange Coat it’s remarkably effective and perfectly complements her songs.  HerContinue reading “A Ukulele and Her Orange Coat”

swim school

Swim school once described themselves as “Tesco value Wolf Alice”, but this Edinburgh based band have moved way beyond the value aisle. It all begins with singer and guitarist Alice Johnson; whose vocals emanate a kind of nonchalant power.  Combine this with the crystal clear delivery and you have an intoxicating blend.  The hook friendlyContinue reading “swim school”

3 For 2023

3 bands to look out for in 2023. It’s that time of year again!  Time for music publications around the world to offer their insights in to who will be the breakout acts in 2023.  Many publications opt for an extensive list in a kind of ‘spray and pray’ approach.  Well we don’t operate thatContinue reading “3 For 2023”