Guitarists to Watch (Part 3) – Liam Mulpetre

In the first two parts of our occasional series ‘Guitarists to Watch’ we brought you German YouTube sensation Elylva and the Maestro of British political flamenco Stacey McMullen.  Today we’re introducing you to Liam Mulpetre, the wild man of street performance.  Wonder down Northumberland Street in Newcastle and you’ll find a wall of sound wedgedContinue reading “Guitarists to Watch (Part 3) – Liam Mulpetre”

Delights – Iris

“Summertime and the living is easy” sang Ella Fitzgerald.  Well the temperature hit 40°C yesterday, so the only thing to do is kick back and lick an ice cream.  But what music should we listen to?  Perhaps something mellow but inviting.  Enter Manchester band Delights with their captivating song ‘Iris’; taken from their upcoming mini-albumContinue reading “Delights – Iris”

TASH – Happy?

“Heavy, yet melodic”, isn’t a phrase you hear a lot when talking about alt-rock music.  But TASH are no ordinary alt-rock band.  They’re more at the psycho barn burning end of the spectrum.  And, all the better for it.       TASH are fronted by singer/bassist Tara Noble.  Tara slaps the bass better than anyone I’veContinue reading “TASH – Happy?”