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Back in the day, the 1980s, I managed a couple of bands in Leeds, England.  Norwood Edge were a Simon & Garfunkel type act, and Beach La Mar were a soulful pop band with Pure Joy records.  Both bands, and the record label, are now defunct, but I wrote a book about my experiences called: ‘Sound Advice’. 

My time managing Beach La Mar was particularly fun and took me to places like BBC Radio 1, where I met with the station’s Producers and got to hang out with Huey Lewis, of Huey Lewis and the News (like I said, it was the 1980s).  

More recently I’ve met Mick Jagger and Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.  I’ve watched ‘Buck Dharma’ of Blue Oyster Cult play a rousing version of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ at Tommy Hilfiger’s house, and Amy Winehouse once ate a bag of my wife’s chocolates.  Bryan Adams called her an angel (my wife, not Amy Winehouse).

Musical interests have taken me to Compass Point Recording Studios in the Bahamas and Sun Studio in Memphis.  I’ve also written articles for Leeds Music Scene website and Northern Kickback magazine.  Sadly, neither of these are with us anymore so, I launched Makeit-loud as a way of sharing my passion for music. 

(January 2021)

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