Freak Slug – Sorry, Not Sorry

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Freak Slug – Sorry, Not Sorry

Photo credit: Freak Slug Facebook

The arc of the musical universe is bending towards Freak Slug.  With over 370,000 monthly listeners on Spotify Freak Slug are going places, and you should be on the journey with them.  Freak Slug is the brain child of Xenya Genovese, a twenty-something force of nature from Manchester. 

Freak Slug’s latest release is ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ from the EP ‘I’m in Love’.  It would be easy to categorise it as shoegaze or dream-pop, but there’s something more intriguing going on here.  Freak Slug are blurring the lines between reality, imagination and nostalgia – it’s a wonderful talent to have, and Xenya pulls it off with some ease.

Photo credit: Freak Slug Facebook

‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ has a distinctly lo-fi but polished feel to it.  The lyrics are more assertive than previous tracks, suggesting that Freak Slug are gaining confidence in who they are and what they want to say.  ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is immersive, rich and has a wonderful toe tapping beat.  If Liverpool’s ZUZU ever collaborated with Chicago’s Lala Lala this is the music they would hope to create. 

Freak Slug are on tour in the UK during September (click here for dates).  Go check them out, and see for yourself where the universe is heading.

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