Delights – Iris

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Delights – Iris

Photo credit: Delights Twitter

“Summertime and the living is easy” sang Ella Fitzgerald.  Well the temperature hit 40°C yesterday, so the only thing to do is kick back and lick an ice cream.  But what music should we listen to?  Perhaps something mellow but inviting.  Enter Manchester band Delights with their captivating song ‘Iris’; taken from their upcoming mini-album ‘Cool Sports’ (released 28th July). 

Photo credit: Delights Facebook

Delights have the ability to create celestial, atmospheric textures with a twist of immersive romance.  Their work is reminiscent of the 1970’s disco-funk days of the Bee Gees, but Delights offer far more than a trip down memory lane.    

‘Iris’ showcases Adam Maxwell’s vocals, which are smoother than a mirror and shine brighter than a glitter ball.  Ben Kirkland’s low pitched bass guitar keeps the beat rumbling alongside the drums of Leo Willis, whilst Ben Squires plays lead guitar in a way that suggests he enjoys wearing flares and a waistcoat on a weekend.

Delights offer a moment of respite from the current heat, and the seemingly ever present turmoil of daily life.  So, give them a listen – and grab another ice cream whilst you’re at it. 

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