Guitarists to Watch (Part 2) – Stacey McMullen

Guitarists to Watch (Part 2) Stacey McMullen

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During lockdown acoustic guitar sales have soared.  It seems everyone is looking for new ways to express themselves.  It’s one thing to pick up a guitar, but another thing completely to sound like Paco de Lucía.  Generally regarded as the world’s greatest flamenco guitarist, Paco de Lucía wowed audiences with his ability to fuse traditional flamenco with other styles such as jazz. 

Stacey McMullen shares many of the traits of Paco de Lucía.  For a start there’s the classical finger style of guitar playing.  Then there’s the diverse genres, ranging from Folk to Rap.  Stacey moves effortlessly from one to another, often within the same song. 

Talent at this level is rare, and Stacey McMullen has caught the eye of the BBC and festival goers across Europe.  Audiences connect with his ability to capture the essence of a moment in time, or the glimpse he gives into a relationship lost. 

Stacey McMullen is more than just a talented musician and storyteller, he’s an artist; creating poignant pictures of commonplace subjects.   

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(February 2021)

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