Guitarists to Watch – Elylva

Guitarists to Watch – Elylva

Photo credit – Elylva Facebook

Elylva aka Elly Köppke is a German rock guitarist based in Berlin.  As a rising star of YouTube, her cover versions have attracted an ever growing audience of followers. 

There are many rock guitarists on YouTube putting up cover versions of well-known songs.  Leo Moracchioli is one of the more famous, and entertaining.  However, many YouTubers leave you feeling like you’ve sat through a guitar tutorial rather than a performance.  Elylva’s appeal comes from her ability to draw you in to her videos through the intimate setting.  You become immersed in the small scale production, which makes Elylva hugely relatable and authentic. 

Elylva resembles a young PJ Harvey (on the left below), not just in the way she looks, but in her lively and spirited performances.  Mix this with just a hint of self-consciousness, and you have a very beguiling person.

Photo Credits: P J Harvey – Promo. Elylva – Instagram

‘Zeitgeist’ is a German word meaning “spirit of an age”, and Elylva certainly captures that.  In these days of national lockdowns and social isolation a sense of community is more important than ever.  Elylva is building a community not only through her videos, but by taking the time to acknowledge every comment on her YouTube channel.     

Elylva has a tattoo which reads ‘Born On My Own’.  With her talent and commitment, she’s definitely not on her own, and we are all enjoying the musical journey with her. 

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(February 2021)

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