Lala Lala – DIVER

Lala Lala – DIVER

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Living in Lala Land

Question:  What would you get if you mixed ‘Beck’ with ‘Radiohead’, added ‘Suzanne Vega’ and then sprinkled some magic on top?  Answer:  Lala Lala.

Lala Lala (aka Lillie West) is one of the most captivating artists on the music scene today.  The Chicago based singer and guitarist creates songs that are intimate and laced with anxiety.  Listening to a selection of Lala Lala’s songs is like flicking through someone’s personal diary as they explore their reason for being.

What makes Lala Lala so special is her ability to take awkward subjects, like disappointment, and turn them into an elegant dance with melancholy.  Quite a skill.  Some artists have made a fine living out of peddling the feelings associated with frustration and despair, but it’s rarely done well and often written from an arm’s length perspective (take a bow emo bands).  But, Lala Lala wants you in there with her – up close and personal. 

The overall feel of the music is indie rock, but there’s elements of post-grunge and shoegaze too.  Lala Lala’s latest single is ‘DIVER’.  It effortlessly combines poetic lyrics with toe tapping beats.  This is deep stuff (forgive the pun) and includes references to Greek mythology.  The production is polished, with a radio friendly feel that could make it one of the hits of the summer.  Check out the awesome video below.             

It will be interesting to hear how ‘DIVER’ sounds live.  British fans won’t have to wait long, as Lala Lala will be touring the UK in February 2022 (see link below for venues and dates).

Life’s a journey, not a destination.  Or, as Lala Lala puts it, “the salt, the spit, the magic”.  So, don’t wait – grab a piece of the magic for yourself.   

(July 2021)        

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