Zuzu – Lie to Myself

Zuzu – Lie to Myself

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If Zuzu wasn’t such a talented artist she’d make an excellent teacher.  She certainly knows a thing or two about life lessons.    

As a case in point, take a listen to her latest release ‘Lie to Myself’.  Here Zuzu explores the trauma of a relationship that’s falling apart.  The song addresses issues of mental health, insecurity, and the disappointment when you finally see the flaws in the one you love.  It could all sound a bit depressing, but much like The Killers ‘Mr Brightside’ there’s a vitriolic power to it, summed up in a banging chorus.    

Zuzu is an interesting character.  A savvy, intelligent and bare to the bone songwriter, with a Liverpudlian accent that adds weight to her cause.  Her lyrics play victim-chic one minute then triumphant survivor the next, all packed into 3 minutes of magic.    

Zuzu’s debut album ‘Queensway Tunnel’ is out soon, so get ahead of the curve and take a listen to ‘Lie to Myself’.  “I’m feeling up and down” she sings – well Zuzu’s career is heading all the way up from here.                    

(Oct 2021)        

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