MuddiBrooke – Lunacy

MuddiBrooke – Lunacy

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MuddiBrooke’s debut EP ‘Lunacy’ is one for your playlist.  Normally at this point I get asked “Which track should I add?”, but you have to add ALL of them to your playlist.  At least that should be the case if you’ve a serious interest in rock music.  Hell, scratch that, I should say.…..if you’ve a serious interest in music.

You see this dynamic trio from Derby, England have put together something rather special.  Mary Prince (drums), Anna Melidone (Bass and vocals) and Brooke (guitar, vocals and sassiness) have gathered up their collective life experiences and crunched them in to 20 minutes and 12 seconds of exquisite rock.  It’s full of soul searching, cope with adversity and live life proud songs, each tailored better than a Saville Row suit.    

Here’s a quick rundown of the tracks: ‘Devil’ – Beautifully constructed Alt-Rock song.  The last 1 minute 12 seconds is pure Deftones, ‘Minerva’ and it will have you bouncing around the living room.  ‘Liverpool Guy’ – radio friendly rock, with a catchy as hell chorus.  ‘Straight Jacket’ – wonderfully unhinged.  ‘Turn to Dust’ – Heartfelt acoustic intro in which Brooke sings “Show me love and I’ll be someone”.  Kinda’ sums up the world, right?  ‘Fake It’ – Brooke goes full on Bonnie Tyler and I’m sure she’s been gargling razor blades too, given the vocals on this one.

MuddiBrooke are on tour in December and in to the new year, so go check them out.  It would be lunacy not to.                

(Dec 2021)        

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