Scarlet – Wrong Way

Scarlet – Wrong Way

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Scarlet are a four piece rock band from the North West of England.  The line up consists of Jessie (vocals and guitar), Adam (lead guitar), Cai (drums) and Laura (bass guitar).  Their most recent single is ‘Wrong Way’.

Ok, that’s the facts out of the way, so what makes Scarlet so special?  Well, listening to Jessie’s vocals is a bit like watching life unfold in front of a microphone.  Take a listen to ‘Wrong Way’ and you’ll get my drift.  The gentle intro belies the hammer blow that awaits.  This is mosh pit bouncing rock at its radio friendly best.  Cai can hit a snare drum harder than Dave Grohl in a tantrum, and Laura’s rousing bass powers this song all the way to the finish.  Simply put, ‘Wrong Way’ is more infectious than COVID and Scarlet are twice as potent.   

There’s some very tidy studio production in here too (imagine a blend of Limp Bizkit’s ‘My Way’ and t.A.T.u’s ‘All the Things She Said’).  Scarlet are on tour in October (see link below) so go check them out.  Just be sure to wear safety boots, ‘cos the pit will be bouncing!     

(Oct 2021)        

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