Empty Guns – Lick the Devil’s Horns

Empty Guns – Lick the Devil’s Horns

Photo credit: Empty Guns

Empty Guns, Full On Rock

Empty Guns have come to kick your door down with their own take on grunge rock.  Hailing from Greece, the band display power and poise on their new single ‘Lick the Devil’s Horns’. 

Singer Stacy Mousakian is sassy confident on this belter of a song, which shows off her Courtney Love style raspy voice.  Like Love she has the ability to subtly wring emotion out of every note. 

‘Lick the Devil’s Horns’ begins with Dimitris Oikonomou firing up his Fender guitar; it’s all jangly notes and buzzsaw rhythm.  The pulsating bass drum drives the song along, and there’s some nice changes of pace as the song hurtles by. 

The video is itself a work of art.  Shot in black and white it perfectly juxtapositions Mousakian’s confidence with her bandmates self-consciousness.  This just adds to the growing aura around the band’s personality.                

Empty Guns are a floor filling, mosh pit diving, slam dancing, crowd surfing tour de force. All hail the new Gods of Greece.

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(February 2021)

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