Sadness and Complete Disappointment

Sadness & Complete Disappointment

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Anything But Disappointing

To be honest I can’t say I was thrilled at the thought of reviewing a song by a band with the name of Sadness & Complete Disappointment.  Even less so when I read that they “found inspiration.……from the most miserable corners of our reality”.  Surely life’s miserable enough right now?

Then I spotted that the backbone of the band is Kit and Esme, formerly of Screech Bats, and I hit the play button straight away.  And boy I’m glad I did.  Sadness & Complete Disappointment are a proper rock band.

This trio are part grunge, part punk and part commercial chainsaw.  I bet Kit has the words ‘the saw is family’ etched on the neck of the guitar.

Check out the video for their latest single ‘Monotony’ below.  It’s nightmarish, manic and wonderfully disturbing.  The song itself tackles difficult feelings and emotions, but just like a flower growing in a concrete footpath, there’s a fragile beauty about it too.

So give this band a listen, you won’t be sad or disappointed.        

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(January 2021)

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