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TRUNC – Bored

Five Star Review
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The queen of chaos returns.  Yes, it’s TRUNC, and they’ve come to carpet bomb your ears with their latest single ‘Bored’. 

This is the first song that Martha Philips has completely written, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, released and pretty much given birth to.  The gal’s got talent, and she’s putting her degree in music to fine use with some excellent production that captures the raw and manic magic. 

If DAWs had been around during the analogue days when PJ Harvey was recording ‘Rid of Me’, then this song would have definitely made it on to her album.  Martha’s energy and painfully accurate observations of life are a reminder that tortured souls are often the best at articulating a crisis of hope.  “Even amidst fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted” as Ted Hughes put it.          

Lyrically the song has a catchy as hell chorus.  Not so much a sing along; more a rant along.  Tom Palmer’s drumming is powerful enough to blow the doors off a shipping container – which is where they were recorded, and Sam Hugh-Jones once again demonstrates he’s a gifted guitarist with an uncanny ability to hook you in with his riffs. 

If you’re interested in singing along with TRUNC to ‘Bored’ then you won’t have to wait long, as the band are on tour this June with the excellent Belako from Spain.

‘Bored’ is a musical and vocal triumph, and there’s no doubt this band are on their way to bigger and better things. Martha sings “push me out of a plane, see if I can fly”.  Well TRUNC, you are certainly soaring above the rest with ‘Bored’.       

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