TASH – When The Lights Cut Out

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TASH – When The Lights Cut Out

Photo credit: TASH Facebook

TASH (aka Tara Noble) is back; heavier and more dramatic than ever.  ‘When The Lights Cut Out’ is a mighty offering and is also TASH’s most progressive metal track to date.  The song opens up with enough melody from the synths to draw you in, and then TASH smashes you between the eyes with her epic vocals. 

TASH’s songs have always lyrically teetered on the edge of insanity, and she’s never been frightened to confront the darker aspects of life.  It’s quite a skill to make such a heavy sound accessible, but the clever use of melody and the contrasting harmonies do just that.

Vocally TASH has exceptional agility and fluidity (check out previous releases such as ‘Chase’ and ‘Hurricane Man’), but on ‘When The Lights Cut Out’ there’s added weight which takes her vocals to the next level.

Visually TASH’s persona is a cross between a worker at Banksy’s Dismaland theme park and a deranged cheerleader.  Put another way, TASH is the Harley Quinn of music, and her videos are all the richer for it.   

TASH is on the road during June (click here for dates) so go check her out and see what happens when the lights cut out. 

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