BEX – The indestructible Master of Punk

BEX – The Indestructible Master of Punk

Introducing BEX, the indestructible master of punk.

Every once in a while here at we have a WTF was that! moment.  Today is one such day, as we get to write about the Queen of power noise BEX. 

A brief chat with BEX leaves you with the distinct impression you are in the presence of someone on the cusp of making it.  She’s charming, stylish, courteous and one hell of a seamstress (BEX makes many of her own clothes).  And, when you can count Sam Matlock of WARGASM amongst your friends, you know you must be going places.      

Musically BEX produces gritty, complex, layered sounds reminiscent of bands such as Combichrist.  Lyrically she delves in to the dark world of addiction and traumatic relationships.  It may all seem a little overwhelming to the uninitiated, but BEX delivers it with such poise that it’s hard not to be hooked from the get-go. 

Live, BEX has the ability to burn images in to your mind, and creates the kind of visceral reaction you get from watching a Martin Scorsese movie.  So, give BEX a try, you won’t be disappointed.     

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