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TRUNC – Zombies

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It’s that time of year again, when the dead come back to life and terrorise us.  But hey, that’s enough politics.

Zombies is the debut single from TRUNC, a well-armed trio of troubadours on a mission to save our musical souls.  Zombies kicks off with an eerie intro: “They’re coming to get you Barbara”, ripped from the movie Night of the Living Dead.  Drummer Tom Palmer demonstrates his fondness for an off-beat rhythm and love of the reverse China crash cymbal (with tight compression and noise gate).  There’s also some funky sounding bass going on here, and we’re only 8 seconds in to the track.  That’s when Martha Phillips arrives with her lush vocals – seductive as a vampire. 

Lyrically the song tackles fear, insecurity, boredom, sadness and frustration.  All of which are made instantly relatable through Martha’s clever writing.  It appears as though Phillips can make words bend at will.

As we venture deeper in to the song, we find Martha can spit better than a New Jersey rapper at a Halloween block party.  It’s as if she’s musically morphed into Patti Dombrowski in the movie Patti Cake$ – full of angst and wired energy.  Then it’s a hard sprint through the finish line with some soaring vocals and a beat that you just have to tap along to.     

TRUNC are making waves and masterpieces, so give them a listen.  They’re definitely not Zombies.          

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