PROJECTOR – Live in Leeds

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PROJECTOR – Live in Leeds

Five Star Review
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Brighton alt-rockers PROJECTOR brought the noise to Oporto in Leeds last night, and left the crowd shouting for more.  Autumn is upon us and it seems like lethargy and wistfulness are the order of the day.  Good job then that PROJECTOR rolled in to town and shook the folk of Leeds out of their slumber. 

After a couple of excellent support sets from Ava in the Dark and Astoria it was time for PROJECTOR to take the stage.  Bassist/singer Lucy Sheehan may cut a diminutive figure under the lights, but she has the swagger of a prize fighter and the lungs of a town hall crier.  This was evident from the get-go with set opener ‘Hell in My Head’, immediately followed by PROJECTOR’s latest single ’Non’.     

A well balanced set included fan favourites ‘Play Along’ and ‘Love’ as well as several (as yet) unreleased tracks.  Throughout the night drummer Cal Marinho, looking like a demented science teacher, thrashed away in epic style – managing to rupture a snare drum in the process.  Guitarist/singer Ed Ensbury is no stranger to the power chord, but he also has an uncanny ability to tease out of the guitar the sweetest tones, particularly on the outro to ‘Same Dream’. 

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The stage at Oporto is no bigger than a postage stamp but Lucy Sheehan wasn’t going to be held back by that.  Tables, speaker cab and the front row of the audience were all easy meat for her to pounce on; this is energy and passion at a different level.  ‘Zero’ drew the evening to an all too early close, but Judging by the number of people eager to meet the band at the merch table afterwards it won’t be long before we see PROJECTOR in Leeds again.

The tour continues tonight in Glasgow, followed by several more dates in England (click here for dates and tickets).         

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