Mollie Coddled – Guilt Trip

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Mollie Coddled – Guilt Trip

Photo credit: Mollie Coddled Facebook

Mollie Coddled’s back in the house with another instant classic ‘Guilt Trip’.  This time it’s a Deep House style, combining four on the floor beats with oh so relatable lyrics. 

It’s hard to imagine anyone else capturing so effortlessly the daily dramas and insecurities of life.  Mollie is a story teller with a beat box, and a voice for the vulnerable.  It’s all crafted from the isolation of her bedroom; wearing flowery jump suits and a pair of Crocs.  Mollie Coddled has a style of her own, and the stage to herself.    

Photo credit: Mollie Coddled Facebook

‘Guilt Trip’ tackles the difficult subject of toxic relationships and the challenge of extracting yourself from them.  On the face of it; not a cheery subject.  But one of Mollie Coddled’s greatest talents is her ability to tackle serious subjects in a seemingly nonchalant manner.  It’s like she’s saying “Hey, this happened to me, but I’m off back to bed now”.

The vocals on ‘Guilt Trip’ are softer than silk bedding and twice as comforting.  The beat is infectious, and the radio edit version deserves to be on heavy rotation.  So give it a listen, there’s no need to feel guilty.                        

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