PROJECTOR – hell in my head

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PROJECTOR – hell in my head

Photo credit: Roadkill Records

I’ve just listened to PROJECTOR’S ‘hell in my head’ for the eighth time this morning, and I’m now in need of a stiff drink.  It’s the only solution after listening to the onslaught of sound.  The result of which….…….is totally brilliant.  

Lucy Sheehan (vocals and bass), Edward Ensbury (vocals and guitar) and Cal Marinho (tub whacker extraordinaire) continue the fine tradition of Brighton rock bands.  At times it appears as if there are more bands in Brighton than pebbles on the beach, but these guys are something special.

Search the internet and you’ll see comparisons a plenty between PROJECTOR and more famous acts.  They’re justified when you listen to the band’s earlier material: ‘Zero’ (Sonic Youth), ‘Someone Calling’/’Play Along’ (Joy Division) and ‘Break Your Own Heart’ (Nirvana).  However, if you’re going to compare ‘hell in my head’ to anything, it should be Mark Manson’s book ‘Everything is Fucked’. 

There’s no hanging around with this song, it shoots out of the gate faster than a teacher leaving school on the last day of term.  PROJECTOR know how to write a catchy chorus too.  This one has an anthemic quality that rises effortlessly above the sonic boom.  

PROJECTOR tour the UK this autumn, so we’ll have a chance to hear how ‘hell in my head’ sounds live.  In the meantime, check out the video below and see for yourself just how talented they are.           

Photo credit: PROJECTOR Facebook

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