The Silencio – Room For No Resolve

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The Silencio – Room For No Resolve

Photo credit: The Silencio Facebook

Australia is producing some of the most interesting and vibrant music in the world right now.  Sydney based CLEWS led the charge, and now we have The Silencio from the Gold Coast. 

Their latest single is ‘Room For No Resolve’.  It’s a thing of such exquisite beauty that it wouldn’t look out of place on stage at the Sydney Opera House.     

The Silencio are often described as an alt-rock band.  Listen to some of their earlier songs, such as ‘Under Lock & Key’, and you’ll see why.  However, ‘Room For No Resolve’ showcases a more restrained side to their music.  It still packs an emotional punch; demonstrating that you don’t need roaring vocals and a distortion peddle to display emotional intensity. 

Photo credit: The Silencio Facebook

‘Room For No Resolve’ opens with some expansive keyboard work from Dylan Brann.  It sounds like the entire string section of the Australian Chamber Orchestra are playing, whilst singer/guitarist Jan Nicholas Blom plucks away on the acoustic guitar.  The vocals then open up to create a soundscape the likes of which Paul Simon would be proud of.  Jared Day (bass) and Kurt Winter (drums) keep the rhythm moving as the song builds to an intense finale.    

The Silencio commented that ‘Room For No Resolve’ addresses the idea that people are quick to judge an individual without knowing the full picture.  Well, here at we were quick to judge this song, and it’s a beaut.             

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