New Age Grace – Climbing the Walls

New Age Grace – Climbing the Walls

Photo credit: New Age Grace

Have you ever wondered what AC/DC would sound like with Amy Lee on vocals?  Well, take a listen to New Age Grace.  It might be Amy Huckerby rather than Amy Lee on vocals, but the overall effect is the same. 

That’s certainly the case on ‘Climbing the Walls’, the title track from New Age Grace’s debut EP.  This is classic head banging, fists in the air, rock’n roll.  Kenny Cassells’ guitar screams out of the Marshall stack like Angus Young with tourettes.  This song’s so good it appears twice on the EP, in different edited formats. 

Next up is ‘If We Give the People What They Want’.  Another AC/DCesque boogie woogie intro gives way to some powerful multi-layered vocals from Amy Huckerby.  There’s some nice Blues elements in here, wrapped around rhythmic guitars and a solid bass line. 

The final track is ‘Dead and Buried’.  Slower paced but no less powerful.  It’s emotionally charged and builds to a rousing chorus.   

New Age Grace – We salute you.

(Dec 2021)   

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