Mollie Coddled – Lonely Bitch

Mollie Coddled – Lonely Bitch

Photo credit: Mollie Coddled Spotify

The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama once said: “My life is a dot lost among thousands of other dots.”  On her latest release Mollie Coddled sings: “I’m the loneliest bitch of them all”.  Kusama is now one of the world’s most respected artists, and has a sold out exhibition at Tate Modern in London.  A similar future may lie ahead for Mollie Coddled in the music industry.    

That may seem an extreme statement, but when Liverpool legend ‘Zuzu’ says “She’s boss” then you know good things are going to happen.  When you meet Mollie Coddled she comes across as the archetypal Gen Z creative.  Self-deprecating and socially awkward, but with the capacity to produce beautiful art.  In Mollie Coddled’s case the artist’s brush is a laptop, which is used to paint soundscapes of exquisite beauty.    

Mollie Coddled’s songs are often slow paced and melancholy, with an ice cream truck melody.  ‘Lonely Bitch’ is a great example.  The vocal style shares similarities with Lily Allen, and the lyrics pack the same acerbic wit.  ‘Lonely Bitch’ would be the perfect Christmas number 1 if we go back in to lockdown.

(Dec 2021)        

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