The Lookout Service – I’m Not Going Anywhere

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The Lookout Service – I’m Not Going Anywhere

Five Star Review
Photo credit: The Lookout Service

Oh, you’re going to love this song.  It’s a proper belter.  Guitars dirtier than a spittoon and a drum beat sleazier than a Hollywood skin flick.    

The American comedian Woody Allen once described Toronto as: “New York run by the Swiss.”  He wasn’t wrong, and on the face of it Stergios Kalochoridis and Robert Ragazzo, AKA The Lookout Service, personify that image.  Dressed like a couple of newly qualified Accountants, they look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.  But take a look at the video below for ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ and you’ll see these sharp dressed men are more ‘Reservoir Dogs’ than Accountants.      

The Lookout Service are part of a fascinating underground music scene in Toronto.  A scene that’s already given us the likes of The OBGMs and Aysen Okabe.  As drum and guitar duos go The Lookout Service have more in common with the Black Keys than The White Stripes, but direct comparisons with other drum and guitar acts is somewhat misleading.  You see The Lookout Service manage to blend the best of Black Sabbath (the opening to ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ is classic Sabbath ‘Iron Man’) with the Bluesy groove based guitar style of Billy F Gibbons (ZZ Top) and layer over it some epic vocals. 

The Lookout Service sing: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’, but I’m sure we’ll being seeing them everywhere pretty soon.       

(Jan 2022)   

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