Dead Venus – Lily of the Valley

Dead Venus – Lily of the Valley

Photo credit: Dead Venus Facebook

Pop quiz hotshots!  Name a Swiss rock band?…………………..Krokus.

Well done.  Yep, that’s about it though.  It’s not that there aren’t more Swiss rock bands, it’s just they’ve not achieved international fame.  Well that could all be about to change with Dead Venus.  This awesome trio consists of Seraina Telli (vocals and just about any instrument you can imagine), Mike Malloth (drums) and Andre Gaertner (guitar). 

Dead Venus have a reputation for creating intricate songs with interesting changes of pace (check out the single ‘Flowers & Pain’).    

Their latest single is ‘Lily of the Valley’.  It’s a progressive rock song, with elements of Southern rock thrown in for good measure.  Opening up with some beautifully melodic acoustic guitar and deadpan lyrics from Telli, it almost levitates into a soundscape of foot stomping rock and roll.  The good old boys in Led Zeppelin would be proud of this one.

So, put down your bar of Swiss chocolate for a few minutes and give Dead Venus a listen.  You’ll be glad you did.     

(August 2021)        

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