SHEAFS – Spectator

SHEAFS – Spectator

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Sheffield is a city in the North of England, with an international reputation for making steel and the Artic Monkeys.  It’s an interesting place to spend a day, but most people don’t make it past the gargantuan shopping mall ‘Meadowhall’.  But I urge you to be there on Sat 25th September.  You could spend the morning visiting the Botanical Gardens, and spend the afternoon at the Tropical Butterfly House and Falconry centre.  Perhaps grab a bite to eat at Turnip & Thyme. 

But, whatever you do, make sure you are at the Foundry by early evening.  There’s a band playing called ‘The Slow Readers Club’ who are pretty good, but you’re not there to see them.  You’re there to see SHEAFS.

Simply put, SHEAFS are the hottest thing in Sheffield outside of a steel blast furnace.  They’re a highly observant and opinionated bunch of post-punk rockers.  Take a listen to Thinking Out Loud and you’ll get the picture. 

Singer Lawrence Feenstra has a vocal style that tracks that of the Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten, but without the spit and venom (not a bad thing in these days of COVID).  SHEAFS latest single is ‘Spectator’, released on 13th August.  It begins with a rumbling bass deep enough to attract a whale in the South Atlantic, and builds into a moody commentary on life and the almost inevitable insecurity that comes with it.  Great guitar accompaniment and smart production give this song a nice commercial feel, which should guarantee it some airplay.

‘Spectator’ would have been the perfect track for this year’s hit movie ‘The Woman in the Window’, but I guess Hollywood hasn’t caught onto SHEAFS yet.  I’m sure they will; it’s hard to escape the feeling that SHEAFS are a riff away from greatness.                        

(Sept 2021)        

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