FRASE – Our Utopia

FRASE – Our Utopia

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It’s Sunday morning and the coffee machine is brewing my first cappuccino of the day.  The sun is shining through the angled shutters at my beach house here in Malibu, and there’s the smell of Pain-au-chocolat baking in the oven. 

Actually, none of that is true.  It’s Tuesday afternoon, the rain is beating against the windows and Malibu is an unattainable 11hr flight away. 

FRASE has a way of doing that to you though; transporting you to idyllic places you can only dream of.  His songs leave you feeling so calm you’ll need to check your pulse.    

FRASE’s new release ‘Our Utopia’ is a perfect case in point.  With beats that fellow Canadian Kiesza would be proud of and a voice Lionel Richie would want to steal, FRASE is the real deal. 

‘Our Utopia’ is a song for our times.  Lyrics such as “Let your hair down put your feet up, and don’t lessen our utopia” speak of the desire to find contentment in unsettling times.    So, have a listen, and let FRASE introduce you to utopia.              

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(March 2021)

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