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Five Star Review
Photo credit: swim school Facebook

Swim school once described themselves as “Tesco value Wolf Alice”, but this Edinburgh based band have moved way beyond the value aisle.

It all begins with singer and guitarist Alice Johnson; whose vocals emanate a kind of nonchalant power.  Combine this with the crystal clear delivery and you have an intoxicating blend.  The hook friendly guitar rhythms and the polished production all add to the feeling that swim school are set for big things. 

The song writing is savvy and insightful, covering topics such as love and the almost inevitable emotional pain that comes with it.  It’s fair to say that nobody places the stiletto heel so sweetly between the shoulder blades as swim school – check out the track ‘see red’ and you’ll get what I mean. 

Swim school are on tour in the UK at the end of this month and in to February, so give them a listen and go check them out.  Maybe celebrate with a bottle of Tesco Finest champagne, you’ll be in good company.        

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