Panic Shack – The Ick

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Panic Shack – The Ick

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Oh this track is on a different level, and you’re going to love it.

But first, by way of context: Back in the 1990s there was a band from New York called King Missile.  Their music was smart, funny and wonderfully eccentric.  Songs such as ‘Martin Scorsese’ and ‘Detachable Penis’ were regulars on MTV, and the video for ‘Detachable Penis’ has more than 3.7m views on YouTube. 

Panic Shack are on the verge of similar success.  Their songs are highly observational and wickedly funny.  Panic Shack’s latest single ‘The Ick’ is taken from their debut EP ‘Baby Shack’.  Sarah Harvey’s vocals have a lovely Welsh lilt to them, which gives a grounded authenticity to the track.  Meg, Romi, Em and Ed round out the sound, which is a mixture of post-punk and dance-rock.     

The song has references to gender equality and the deadening effect of annoying habits.  Lyrics such as “a perfect ratio of sensitive to tough” also demonstrate Panic Shack’s ability to conjure up a person’s personality in just a few words.  Clever stuff.

The video for ‘The Ick’ is equally entertaining.  Panic Shack, dressed as nuns, have an almost Julie Andrews ‘Sound of Music’ appearance at the beginning before descending in to something closer to ‘The Exorcist’.   

So give them a listen, you won’t have the ick afterwards.             

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