Daydream Runaways – Butterflies

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Daydream Runaways – Butterflies

Photo credit: Daydream Runaways Facebook

Ben, Brad, Nath and Cam have produced another hit with their latest single Butterflies.  It follows a string of previous belters such as Crazy Stupid Love, Gravity and Dreamlands. 

Daydream Runaways badge themselves as a “nostalgia-inducing pop rock band”, however Butterflies is actually closer to the ‘Album Orientated Rock’ (AOR) style made popular in the USA during the 1970s and 80s.  Bands such as Boston, REO Speedwagon, Journey and Foreigner had great success with a radio friendly style of soft rock that catapulted them to international stardom.  Wiltshire, England is a long way from the USA, but this writer for one believes that Daydream Runaways could enjoy similar commercial success if they get the airplay.    

Photo credit: Daydream Runaways Facebook

Butterflies benefits from some slick production, which blends catchy beats with short riff guitar work.  Lyrically the song captures the spirit of romance and the early days of love.  It’s the kind of feel good song that people need to hear as we roll out of winter and in to spring.

So, put this one of your streaming playlist and grab some of the feel good vibe for yourself. 

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