Astoria – (Don’t) Turn Around

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Astoria – (Don’t) Turn Around

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Astoria are a rock band from the Southern edges of Leeds, England.  The danger with that opening sentence is that some people will automatically label them as an Artic Monkeys type band.  Any rock band where the singer has something of a Yorkshire accent risks being put in that category, but it could be worse right?  Imagine being a band from the same neighbourhood as Justin Bieber!  But here’s a thought.  What if the opening sentence read:  Astoria are a rock band from Wilton Place, Los Angeles.  That would make them Jane’s Addiction, and that’s the connection I want you to make.     

You see Astoria have something special going on, and you don’t have to look hard to find it. The music on Astoria’s latest release ‘(Don’t) Turn Around’ has a funk metal edge to it, similar to Jane’s Addiction.  Check out the LA rockers video for ‘Just Because’ and you’ll see what I mean.  Sure, they have a bigger production, and a bigger budget too, but still………..

‘(Don’t) Turn Around begins with the kind of jangling guitars that Dave Navarro would be proud of, and the lyrical content touches on the challenges of relationships and love from a far.  It’s poignant stuff, and delivered with an understated ease that gives rise to the belief that these guys are effortlessly comfortable with what they are doing.

Astoria are building a following, and winning praise for their live performances.  On ‘(Don’t) Turn Around’ they sing “Ambition will get you through”, and with this kind of talent I’m sure it will.     

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