The Blues Emergency – The Machine

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The Blues Emergency – The Machine

Photo credit: The Blues Emergency

It’s classic rock Friday here at and today we have The Blues Emergency from Toronto. 

Their debut album ‘The Machine’ demonstrates the band’s extensive talent.  Take opening track ‘Head On’, with its whiskey soaked intensity and guitar notes that are as bent as a politician.  Quite an apt analogy, given the socially conscious lyrics that are a hallmark of The Blues Emergency’s songs.    

‘I’m Alright’ shows ‘The Machine’ raging on, or is it Rage Against the Machine?  Certainly sounds like the kind of song that Tom Morello and Co would be proud of.  There’s a nice change of pace with ‘Strange World’ which has a Dire Straits feel to it, and ‘Good Enough’ sounds like a Tom Petty song.  Oh, actually it is.  Then there’s title track ‘The Machine’, quite simply Pink Floyd with rasping vocals.

With so many influences it would be easy to create a muddled and imprecise sound, but to The Blues Emergency’s credit this is a coherent and polished album, rooted in the Blues and the sound of 1970s Southern Rock.  Bands such as Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and Lynyrd Skynyrd may have started the craze, but The Blues Emergency are worthy standard bearers for this noble rock.  So, well done to The Blues Emergency for producing such a fine album.  Shine on you crazy diamonds.   

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