The Elephant Trees – Ones and Zer0s

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The Elephant Trees – Ones and Zer0s

Five Star Review
Photo credit: The Elephant Trees

Some friends in Switzerland recently asked me about The Elephant Trees.  I said everything they’re doing is better than anything else in the UK right now.  The new single ‘Ones and Zer0s’, released today, demonstrates that point perfectly.     

Quite simply, singer/songwriter Martha Phillips should be designated a national treasure.  She’s part poet, part social activist and part kickass musician.  Martha is Florence Welch with a stick of dynamite. 

Photo credit: The Elephant Trees

There’s a sharp and critical quality to Martha’s lyrics, which are used with the precision of a surgeon’s knife to express views on popular culture.  But the words are only part of the story.  The music on ‘Ones and Zer0s’ shifts pace up and down smoother than the gear change on a Ferrari.  There’s some sublime synth work at the beginning before the song opens up to an expanse of percussion (tip of the hat to drummer Tom Palmer) and electrifying guitar work from Sam Hugh-Jones. 

This song reflects our times and culture, but it transcends age, gender and musical stylisation.  Such is the talent of The Elephant Trees.    

Some people listen to music to escape life, but listen to ‘Ones and Zer0s’ and life will not escape you.  The Elephant Trees are life affirming and the real deal. They’re also on tour in the UK this month, so go check them out. And, on this occasion, believe the hype. 

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