CLEWS – Loveluck Omens

CLEWS – Loveluck Omens

Five Star Review
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Lily and Grace are back with a belter of an EP

CLEWS (aka Lily and Grace Richardson) are the most consistently illuminating songwriters on romantic culture.  Their highly observant lyrics capture the detail of life in all its murky colour.  They shine a light on the emotional turmoil of love and love lost.  If the philosopher Alain de Botton could write songs, these are the ones he’d pen. 

CLEWS debut EP ‘Loveluck Omens’ charges straight out of the gate with the first song ‘Overluck’.  The upbeat tempo and carefully crafted melodies carry the lyrics aloft.  Lines such as “I need closer friends and wider space” demonstrate CLEWS capacity to create an emotional vista from a handful of words.    

The second track “Want You That Way” could turn out to be the feel good song of the summer. 

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CLEWS write the catchiest choruses.  It’s the combination of words and the surround-sound melodies that do it.  A great example can be found on ‘Cuban Heel’, which combines silky vocals with a musical punch.    

The final track ‘F.A.U.X’ is as simple as it is beautiful.  Stripped back acoustic guitar and a drum machine type beat give way to poignant lyrics, showcasing CLEWS power to produce deep emotions.   

Alain de Botton said: “We fall in love because we long to escape from ourselves”.  CLEWS are the perfect form of escapism, so give ‘Loveluck Omens’ a listen, and fall in love yourself.    

(May 2021)

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